Speciality Products

At Airsea we make sure the every job is logistically managed and work with our clients to make sure that shipments are delivered in a safe and timely manner.

airsea car transporter


We are faced daily with a multitude of logistics needs, often manifested in the dissimilarity of the clients themselves, their type of organisations, logistics and production concepts, buying and selling market areas, the ultimate destinations, as well as environmental conditions taken into account. We work with our clients and with its franchised offices and partners worldwide, to make sure that the job is successfully completed.

hazardous chemicals


Nothing, however, profiles better than demonstrating high skill sets in treating and handling specialty products according to the precise needs of our customers. Such specialised product and market knowledge is selective and applies to member organisations where such needs have manifested themselves.



The fact that sender and consignee are often from different cultural circles gives us, as a flexible, multi-cultural and market-oriented franchise network, the necessary background for the exact profiling requirements.